The second edition of the Rumeli Forum panel was organized.

16 Oct, 2023

The theme of this year's Rumeli Forum panel was "Rumelian Identity as a Brand." The panel took place at the Haliç campus of Istanbul Rumeli University a few days ago. The speaker at the forum was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurdan Tümbek Tekeoğlu, a third-generation Thessaloniki immigrant and a producer, director, and academic. Tekeoğlu discussed Rumelian identity from the perspective of brand management, considering its historical, cultural, political, and social aspects.

During the speech, Tekeoğlu summarized the necessary actions to be taken in the process of "Rumelian Identity as a Brand." Emphasizing the importance of conducting a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths and areas for development of the Rumelian brand, Tekeoğlu mentioned that the prominent figures representing the brand should have greater recognition of their Rumelian origins. This could be achieved through increased visibility on platforms such as Wikipedia, internet browsers, and social media. Tekeoğlu also highlighted the need for more promotion through films, documentaries, and books to enhance the cultural, traditional, historical, and political awareness of the Rumelian people. Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of strengthening the community's connections through initiatives like the Rumeli Forum, search conferences, and NGO meetings with higher levels of participation.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurdan Tümbek Tekeoğlu also stressed the significance of academic articles and research studies conducted by highly educated members of the Rumelian community being recognized in the literature. She stated, "The Rumelian community is a community with high leadership potential. By increasing political representation and managing the brand process in collaboration with renowned figures in sports, arts, and academia on a global scale, we can progress much faster."