Istanbul Rumeli University Global Policies Research and Application Center (RUPAM)

Istanbul Rumeli University, Global Policies Research and Application Center, aims to conduct studies on the monitoring of global mobility, cause and effect relationships. In this context, it focuses on topics that include social policies such as migrations, foreign policy, security, political history, diplomacy by conducting interdisciplinary studies.


The activity areas of the center are as follows:

a) To organize scientific researches, projects, scientific studies, publications and reports in order to support formal or non-formal education activities oriented to social-human sciences, especially international relations, law, economics within the university; to cooperate with domestic and foreign academic and scientific institutions for these activities; to cooperate with relevant institutions and organizations to carry out projects and provide joint research opportunities.

b) To prepare scientific research and strategic content studies on the relations and policies of countries with our country, to prepare reports.

c) To develop cooperation opportunities with universities and research centers, to exchange information.

ç) To analyze and evaluate the information obtained from scientific publications and open news sources from domestic and foreign sources; to convey the information produced to the interested parties and the public through national and international scientific meetings and publications, to make them available for updating course materials and similar purposes, to ensure the development of the strategic research archive.

d) To cooperate with domestic and foreign scientists, legal persons and institutions in research, examination, meeting organization, publication and similar academic activities.

e) To organize evaluation meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, panels and similar meetings and to carry out scientific activities in order to encourage researches within the scope of the center’s activity area and to announce their studies.

f) To train expert, experienced staff and students in international relations and regional scope at the university, to organize courses and programs for education and research purposes and to give certificates.

g) To develop interdisciplinary projects primarily with the Department of International Relations and the Department of Political Science and Public Administration within the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences of the University, as well as with other academic units of the University, and to encourage studies in this field,

ğ) To provide education for the staff needed by the center at home and abroad, to invite foreign experts for this purpose if necessary.

h) To prepare projects, documentation and publication activities.

ı) To provide consultancy services to public and private institutions and organizations upon request and to conduct studies on the issues requested by the Rector.