The Journal of Istanbul Rumeli University Social Sciences

Istanbul Rumeli University Journal of Social Sciences


Vol 1, Issue 1

It is an academic, scientific, peer-reviewed journal published online (e-ISSN) by T.C. Istanbul Rumeli University Global Policies Application and Research Center. (In accordance with the current legal regulations, the e-ISSN will be obtained after the first issue is published and the same number can be used with the first issue.)


Publication Range and Language: Two issues and, if necessary, at most one special issue are published per year. The language of publication is Turkish and English.


Refereeing: Submitted texts are subjected to blind refereeing. Referees are selected from the relevant field and the Referee Form is sent. The referees agree or refuse to review the text within 5 working days. If the arbitration is accepted, the evaluation is sent within 20 working days.


Referee List (Advisory Board): In each issue, those who have reviewed the published and / or unpublished studies in that issue are listed. This list will change with each issue.


Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mucip GÖKÇEN 

Prof. Dr. Ali DENİZLİ 

Prof. Dr. Burak GÜMÜŞ 

Prof. Dr. Mustafa KARA 

Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk ŞİMŞEK 

Prof. Dr. Sibel TURAN 

Assoc. Prof. Çiğdem ÜSTÜN 

Assoc. Prof. Hakan CAVLAK 

Assoc. Prof. Hakkı Hakan Erkiner 

Assoc. Prof. Muharrem EKŞİ 

Assoc. Prof. Sait AKŞİT (TRNC)

Assoc. Prof. Mladen TONEV (Bulgaria)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Armağan ÖRKİ 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Atilla AYDIN 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nil KONYALILAR 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Serap YOLCU YAVUZ 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sinem YÜKSEL ÇENDEK 

Assist. Prof. Dr.Türkan KORKMAZ BULUT

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yıldırım ERBAŞ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yordanka TONEVA (Bulgaria)


Owner: On behalf of T. C. Istanbul Rumeli University, Rector Prof. Dr. Hazim Tamer DODURKA

Editor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Armağan ÖRKİ

Assistant Editor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Sinem YÜKSEL ÇENDEK,  Assist. Prof. Dr.  Yıldırım ERBAŞ

Publication Assistant: RA Özlem ÖZTÜRK


Types of Article that can be Published:

·         Research Article

·         Review Article

·         Papers Unpublished Full Text

·         Articles Generated From Theses

·         Book Reviews

Scope: It publishes scientific works in international relations, international security, economics, business, finance, political science, public administration, law, behavioral sciences, history, archeology, Turkish language and literature, educational sciences, distance education, communication sciences and their sub-branches.

Pricing: No payment is requested or paid from the author (s) who submitted the work. The author (s) will have transferred the copy to the IRU Journal of Social Sciences if their work is published.


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Author (s) should send their work to [email protected] In order to avoid any problems, a Publication Request for the Journal of IRU Social Sciences should be written in the Subject section and a full text and copyright agreement should be attached.