The Balcı Foundation

The Balcı Foundation was founded in 2010 after more than twenty years in the making by the late Math teacher and an education volunteer Mehmet Balcı who believed in the idea that education is the most precious building block of society. The foundation has aimed to institutionalize and sustain education that late Mehmet Balcı supported throughout his life.

The Balcı Foundation institutionalized the educational ideals of its late founder by establishing T.R Istanbul Rumeli University on April 23, 2015. Since then, the number of financially supported students has increased from hundreds to thousands. In the future, ten thousands are aimed in line with growing pace of the University.

Besides the Mehmet Balcı Campus in Silivri, the Fikriye Balcı Campus in Çatalca has been landscaped for 30 years since 1986 and turned into a green heaven with many trees, plants and designed recreational areas to raise environmental awareness among young people.

Made with great efforts, Balcı Foundation supports hundreds of students with scholarships at T.R Istanbul Rumeli University and guides them to discover their talents.