Senate: Article 14 –

a. Organization and Operation: The Senate, led by the Rector, consists of vice rectors, deans  and one lecturer appointed for a term of three years by every single faculty board, rectorate institutes and directors of graduate schools. The Senate meets minimum twice annually at the start and end of each academic year. In case of urgency the Rector has the right to call for an unscheduled Senate meeting.

b. Duties: As an academic body of the university the Senate executes the duties mentioned hereinafter:

Taking decisions on the principles of University's academic & scientific research and publication activities,
Devising the draft versions of rules and regulations concerning the entire body of University or sharing of comments,
Upon the approval of Rector; preparing the university or university departments regulations to be executed after posting on Official Gazette,
Taking final decrees upon analyzing University annual academic program and calendar,
Ordaining honorary academic titles that require no exams and taking decisions on the relevant suggestions offered by faculty boards,
Examining and concluding the objections directed against decisions taken by Faculty boards and rectorate institutes and  graduate school boards,
Selecting potential members for University Management Board,
Performing any other tasks assigned by the law herein.
İstanbul Rumeli University Senate