Mission and Vision


Istanbul Rumeli University’s mission is to pass on the rich body of knowledge we have acquired throughout the centuries serving as a cultural bridge among civilizations. In addition to this wealth of knowledge, we aim to form individuals who possess a contemporary, modern and universal frame of mind. In line with Rumeli Philosophy, patriotism and an appreciation of national values, students will be able to refrain from all kinds of dogmatic thought, moulds and stereotypes. We are dedicated to fostering a learning environment where students pay attention to detail and detect differences and are able to think independently while being open to debate and discussion. Lastly, we aspire as an institution to cultivate individuals who are just as critical and interrogative as they are analytic, solution-oriented and creative.



Istanbul Rumeli University’s vision is to be a universal university which takes into consideration its stakeholder’s satisfaction while placing an emphasis on and contributing to national and international values. Our university intends to be an institution which continuously evolves and develops and aims to be venturous, dynamic and competitive.