Quality Policy

Istanbul Rumeli University Quality Policy

To be a university that prioritizes stakeholder satisfaction in service according to our vision, emphasizing national and international values.

To provide a fair, transparent, and accountable management approach that involves stakeholders in decision-making and problem-solving processes.

To establish a management approach that aims for measurable performance goals as well as human development, in line with institutional strategies, and make it part of the organizational culture.

To institutionalize a management approach that considers stakeholder contributions in education, research, social contribution activities, and administrative services, and prioritizes continuous improvement in all activities and processes.

To offer an education and teaching service with a dynamic curriculum approach that takes into account local and regional needs as well as global developments, where education and teaching methods and techniques are continuously reviewed.

To become a university that promotes social responsibility awareness among staff and students, and actively engages in addressing societal issues and their solutions.

To establish a scientific structure that supports entrepreneurial and innovative research and considers the societal impact of research.

To focus on the social, cultural, and intellectual development of students, in addition to enhancing their professional competencies, and provide support to graduates after graduation, considering them as important stakeholders and utilizing their feedback in the university's education and teaching activities.

To cultivate a future-oriented and innovative approach in education, utilizing innovative methods to educate future students, rather than relying on methods used in the past or present, and train professionals who are qualified according to the conditions of the time.

To prioritize the inclusion of features in education and teaching methods that can be used in virtual environments, controlled, and managed when necessary or under force majeure conditions, and to instill this knowledge in academic, administrative staff, and students.

To ensure that all activities of the university are planned, measurable, controllable, and capable of being corrected when necessary.

Istanbul Rumeli University Senate: 02.11.2020

Meeting No: 2020/27

Decision No: 6