Agriculture, Livestock, Food Application and Research Center

Istanbul Rumeli University Agricultural, Livestock, and Food Application, Technology, and Research Center started its activities with the regulation published in the Official Gazette numbered 31243 on September 13, 2020.


Objectives of the Center

a) To enable the planned, efficient, and coordinated implementation of research and production activities within the areas associated with the center.

b) To sell and evaluate products obtained from production and research activities in accordance with relevant legislation.

c) To monitor and implement innovations emerging in all areas related to agricultural activities, conduct studies on feasibility, planning, research, and education, and provide consultancy services.

d) To collaborate with academic units and domestic and international institutions, prepare projects at the national and international levels, engage in research activities, and participate as partners or participants in projects.

e) To educate students on raw material production based on agricultural production.

f) To facilitate the generation of interdisciplinary project ideas and student-academic-industry collaboration projects from different disciplines, conduct studies on the evaluation and diversification of products using food preservation techniques, and prevent raw material waste.

g) To support the activities of relevant academic units such as education-teaching, field trips, internships, projects, and theses.

h) To establish cooperation mechanisms that contribute to regional and national development.