Quality and Human Resources

In order to contribute to the personal development of students and staff members affiliated with all academic and administrative units of Istanbul Rumeli University, and to achieve sustainable development in line with the activities of the Presidency Human Resources Office during their affiliation with the institution and beyond, the Human Resources Office encompasses all activities to be carried out. By fulfilling the functions of personnel selection and placement, personnel and labor law compliance, orientation and integration, wage management, performance management, career management, and training and development management, the aim is to create a successful human capital by keeping track of national and international developments.


Our Mission

As a successful institution in higher education, Istanbul Rumeli University, aims to create opportunities for its students and employees to complete their individual and professional development. Our goal is to ensure that our students become individuals with the qualifications and competencies sought in their fields upon graduation, and to provide career counseling to all employees of the University and ensure the adoption of the corporate identity by the employees.


Our Vision

With the aim of creating a learning organization, we aim to ensure the harmony of the principles and rules to which Istanbul Rumeli University is affiliated with from the perspective of students and employees, and to increase the satisfaction levels of students and employees and enhance the achievements of the University.