Foreign Language

Our Mission

T.R. İstanbul Rumeli University's English program not only aims to educate our students but also prepare them for the global world so that they can acquire various new skills offered in a foreign language.


Our Vision

At T.R. İstanbul Rumeli University's English as a Foreign Language Department, we aim to educate students in acquiring a good command of the English language for use in conjunction with academic skills. Our university aspires to be an institution which continually evolves and develops and is venturous and dynamic vvhile teaching English in an interconnected global world. Lastly, we are strongly tied to our university's vision of educating and raising the best professionals and citizens possible for both our country and abroad.


About us

The main aim of T.R. İstanbul Rumeli University's English program is to provide the best English education to our students while informing them about the cultural structure of English speaking countries. The main expectation of our program is to educate our students so that they are able to understand and use the English language in conjunction with their academic skills. Throughout the lessons, students vvill have the opportunity to practice their language skills and will be provided supplemental materials with exercises. Moreover, Aircraft Technology, Civil Aviation Transportation Administration and Civil Aviation Cabin Services students have access to Occupational English classes related to their specific departments. Lastly, T.R. İstanbul Rumeli University's English as a Foreign Language Department offers Career English classes for students who can demonstrate they are proficient in English at the B1 level under the coordination of the Continuing Education Center.