Department of Library Services

Spread in a 1000 m2 area İstanbul Rumeli University Library offers a user-centered service by means of its information resources, information technologies and a wide array of facilities. Our library, with its functional study areas that support both individual and group study, has been designed as a real living and learning zone. İstanbul Rumeli University Library welcomes to its collection any information source that supports academic activities and scientific researches via purchasing, donation and subscription. In library collection-development procedure, demands from our academicians, students and administrative personnel are prioritized on the request list. In our library recent advancements in information technologies are followed and through various electronic resources such as databases, e-journals and e-books we have so far accumulated a rich print collection.

Besides with non-book materials and intelligent games included to our collection we have moved beyond traditional library approach to be able to offer users the best information service. Publications in our collection are catalogued in line with Anglo-American Cataloging Rules(AACR) and publications are placed in open-shelf order as per Library of Congress (LC) classification system. In the library bibliographic records of all present materials have been transferred to electronic media by using Yordam Library Information-Document Automation Program and offer service through the internet. By clicking "Search" tab on the webpage of İstanbul Rumeli University Library you can easily scan available materials in our library, access online the databases of thousands of journals we are subscribed and enrich your studies through open-access resources.

Library Rules in Action
All visitors in our Library are deemed to pre-accept to abide by the rules below:

Please keep silent within the premises of library.
Keep your mobile phone in silent mode and talk on your phone outside the library.
No foods or drinks are allowed, except bottled water, within the premises of library. If need be, please consume food and drink outside the library.
Smoking and vaping are strictly forbidden in the library.
Please throw your rubbish in the bin.
Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Library staff is not to be held liable for any lost items.
Be reminded that our library is under the surveillance of security cameras.
All materials in our library are under the surveillance of security check. Unless borrowed, no materials are allowed to leave the library premises.
If deemed necessary, all bags and private belongings are subject to be checked by library staff.
In borrowing procedure users are obliged to claim their “university identity cards”.
No user is licensed to borrow a material on behalf of a third person.
Return process of resources is under the responsibility of library staff. If there is a shelfcheck / automated borrow-return counter in the library, the procedures can also be completed through this machine.
Please seek assistance from library staff for any items not located on the shelves and problems witnessed in the library.
Please put any taken and used books on the desks. No need to re-place them on the shelves.
Please observe the opening and closing hours of the library.
According to the Code of Literary and Artistic Works it is strictly prohibited to copy complete form of any library material. Observance of this code is the sole responsibility of the user.
In the library it is forbidden to change the place of materials, equipment and furniture without permission.
In the occurrence of building evacuation or any other state of emergency it is required to act in coordination with the directives of library staff.

Working Hours

Silivri Mehmet Balcı Campus
Every Day of the Week: 08:30 - 22:00

Golden Horn Application and Research Campus
Weekdays and Saturdays: 08:30 - 20:00
Sunday: Closed

Kadıköy Campus Library
Weekdays and Saturdays: 08:30 - 20:30
Sunday: Closed