Operating Room Services

Operating Room Services

Istanbul Rumeli University Operating Room Services Program score type is TYT and the language of education is Turkish. At the end of 2 years of education, our students graduate with an associate degree diploma and the title of Operating Room Services Technician.

Graduates of this department can work in the operating rooms and central sterilization units of public training and research hospitals, state hospitals, hospitals affiliated to universities and private hospitals.

Our students who benefit from the Rumeli Education Method can benefit from additional certificate programs that facilitate minor and double major opportunities, and provide profit and preference in professional life. With Career English courses, they can follow the knowledge of their field in an international language and evaluate their job opportunities abroad.

Practice-based training of our students is carried out in the operating room laboratory of our university and in our contracted practice hospital. In addition, in order for students to graduate, they must complete a 30-day compulsory internship in public or private health institutions.

The purpose of the Operating Room Services program; to prepare the instruments and materials used in the operating rooms before the operation, to supply the surgical team during the operation and to make the operating room environment suitable for the operation and to train well-equipped technical health personnel who are directly involved in the operating team and support them in terms of implementation.

Those who want to work as an Operating Room Services Technician in the sector by choosing the Operating Room Services Program;
• Being interested in science and being successful in this field,
• Ability to use their hands and fingers skillfully,
• Having the ability of hand-eye coordination,
• Being able to take responsibility, being careful, meticulous, cautious,
• Ability to make correct and quick decisions,
• Being able to immediately understand and apply the surgeon's instructions,
• Having a durable physical structure,
• Having strong communication skills,
• Having the ability to work in stressful environments and adapt to flexible working hours,
• Ability to adapt to teamwork,
• They are expected not to carry communicable diseases.


The language of instruction of the Operating Room Services Associate Degree Department is Turkish (compulsory by YÖK). General English lessons are given by distance education. Students whose general English level is B1 according to the CEFR, I.R.Ü. They can request Career English courses conducted under the Continuing Education Center. Career English courses open the way for students to follow the knowledge of their field in an international language and to search for opportunities abroad.

Those who successfully complete the Operating Room Services program can transfer vertically to the four-year undergraduate programs in the fields of "Emergency Aid and Disaster Management", "Nursing" and "Nursing and Health Services" with the Vertical Transfer Exam opened by OSYM. The curriculum of the program has been prepared considering the students who want to continue their education at the faculty and it is aimed that they will not lose a semester.

After the first semester, students who are placed in the Operating Room Services Program can transfer to the associate degree program of their choice, depending on the placement score type, by horizontal transfer between in-house and external programs.

Horizontal transfer procedures can be applied in two ways with the criteria determined by the Higher Education Institution;
• Departments in accordance with the principles of internal and inter-institutional transfers with a Weighted Grade Point Average (AGNO); Dental Services Division all programs, Therapy and Rehabilitation Division all programs, Medical Services Division all programs, Health Services Care Division all programs, Child Care and Youth Services Division all programs
• Inter-institutional and intra-institutional transfer in accordance with the principles of lateral transfer with a central placement score.

Our Operating Room Services Program students have the right to receive a double major diploma from the associate degree program of their choice, without extending the semester, from the departments listed below, with priority being given to all programs of the "Medical Services Department" within the scope of double major.
-All programs of the Department of Dentistry Services
-All programs of the Therapy and Rehabilitation Department
-Health Care Services Department all programs
-All programs of the Child Care and Youth Services Department

With the double major opportunity, our students can improve themselves during their education period and certify their qualifications with diplomas and certificates.

Istanbul Rumeli University Operating Room Services Program students are supported by certificate programs given by Continuing Education Centers throughout their education period. The certificates to be issued follow the legislative updates. Students who successfully complete their certificate programs transition to professional business life with the equipment needed in the international arena at the graduation stage.