Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Purpose of the Program

The Master's Program in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, both with thesis and non-thesis options, aims to provide the competence to utilize clinical and academic studies at an expert level, using clinical knowledge in an original manner, and to develop advanced skills in professional practice and research. The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) has stated that master's and doctoral programs in physiotherapy should provide education that enhances professional competence, fosters analytical thinking, and enables the pursuit of scientific innovations (WCPT, 2016; Physiotherapy-treatment, 2016). Today, physiotherapists have a high level of education, scientific qualifications, professional authority, and responsibilities in many countries, and this trend continues to rise. The development in clinical applications has been followed by specialization, evidence-based scientific studies, and academic structures in the field.


The objective of the program is to provide undergraduate physiotherapists with internationally recognized specialized approaches to physiotherapy and rehabilitation, teach and consolidate knowledge based on solid scientific foundations, instill the concept of research-oriented physiotherapy, produce graduates who are proficient in assessment, treatment program design, and ethical standards of standardization, and train expert physiotherapists who apply new methods in their theses and conduct research that influences clinical rehabilitation programs. In the thesis-based program, the aim is to encourage undergraduate graduates to engage in current research and prepare for doctoral programs. In the non-thesis program, the goal is to provide undergraduate graduates with advanced courses and projects in accordance with the country's needs and current topics to specialize and/or deepen their expertise.

Graduates of the Master's Program in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation can utilize their expertise at an advanced level in their chosen field of specialization within clinical and academic work. Through their specialized knowledge and developed skills, they can engage in advanced professional practice and research. Graduates of the Master's Program in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation receive a "master's" degree. This degree will strengthen their resumes and enhance their employability in both public and private sectors, both during the job application process and throughout their professional careers.

Students who graduate from this program obtain the title of Specialist Physiotherapist. They can continue their professional careers in public sectors, private clinics, and hospitals, utilizing the knowledge and skills they have gained through their postgraduate education. Additionally, they can pursue academic opportunities at universities and continue their careers in academia.