Department of Accounting and Auditing

The Aim of the Program

The number of companies subject to mandatory independent auditing and the number of companies requesting their own audits has been increasing every year, which in turn increases the demand for independent auditors. Considering the practitioners in the field of accounting and auditing, along with professionals practicing the accounting profession at various levels, the number of individuals working in the field is quite high. When the intern and prospective intern candidates are also taken into account in the process of becoming a professional member, a significant quantity emerges. Adding a different quality to this quantity will add value to the accounting and auditing professions and provide a societal benefit.

In this context, the primary objective of the program is to provide scientifically qualified contributions to the professional community consisting of independent auditors accredited by the Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority, auditor candidates, accounting professionals accredited by the Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants of Turkey, interns, and prospective interns within their own professional processes. This contribution will involve accessing information through scientific research methods, compiling, interpreting, and evaluating information, thus providing especially a holistic judgment ability.


In this regard, the program aims to equip students with the competencies to work in accordance with professional ethics, solve problems using new methods, utilize the results at national and international levels, have a command of financial legislation, accounting, and auditing standards, and possess the skills to question and conduct research.

Therefore, the program will provide the following concrete contributions to the students:

  • The ability to access new information in the field, organize information systematically, and generate new knowledge.
  • Developing a new scientific method that brings innovation to the field or applying a known method to a different area.
  • Conducting critical analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of new and complex ideas in the field.
  • Contributing to science by conducting original research to solve a problem in the field.
  • Undertaking interdisciplinary and original works in the field independently or as a team member and, if necessary, leading projects.
  • Developing new thoughts, methods, and models in the field by using creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making processes.
  • Adhering to ethical rules in the production and sharing of knowledge during the teaching process.
  • Using strategic decision-making processes to solve problems and establish functional communication with relevant individuals and institutions.

Primarily, the process of becoming an independent auditor, who aims to provide reasonable assurance regarding the accuracy and reliability of the information needed in the decision-making processes of management and stakeholders, starts after completing undergraduate education and passing the independent auditor exams regulated by the Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (KGK), as well as meeting the requirements to become a professional member in accordance with Law No. 3568.

In this context, our postgraduate programs in Accounting and Auditing are designed to contribute to a career plan in the field of accounting and auditing from the initial stage onwards.

Our postgraduate programs in Accounting and Auditing will provide significant qualifications to professionals who have completed the entry process into the profession in various fields and levels, thereby making a difference in their professional practices and offering them important advantages in their career progression.

Audit firms, independent/sworn-in public accountancy firms, as well as commercial and/or industrial companies operating in the private sector, are the most important employment sources for accounting and auditing professionals.

Our postgraduate programs in Accounting and Auditing, as emphasized above, will not only make a significant contribution to a career in these organizations but also serve as a valuable asset in initial applications to such institutions.

Moreover, our thesis-based master's program will also provide a solid foundation for pursuing an academic career through doctoral education.