Director of the Institute Message

Our Graduate Education Institute has 31 departments which are Thesis/Non-Thesis Master's (M.Sc) and Doctorate (Ph.D) Programs. The basic philosophy of the institute is that to develop university-industry cooperation in regions such as Istanbul, Marmara, Thrace, Aegean, Black Sea, which have a great potential in the world and in Turkey in terms of engineering sciences, health sciences, social and political sciences and  To contribute directly to the development of our domestic and national technological accumulation that will contribute to national and international science in the “4+0 Industrial Age” with its project and thesis studies.

The aims of our institute are to coordinate Research-Development (R&D) and education activities in accordance with the developments of the global world and to reach modern and scientific information by following the applications within the framework of international standards.

On the other hand, the target of the programs with thesis is to encourage undergraduate graduates to current research and to prepare them for doctoral programs. 
In the non-thesis program, it is aimed to provide undergraduate graduates with expertise or to deepen their expertise with high-level courses and projects, according to the needs of the country and world.


Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Sibel DOĞAN

Director of the Institute