Department of Exercise and Movement Sciences

Program Objective

The Exercise and Movement Sciences Master's Program with Thesis, within Istanbul Rumeli University Graduate Education Institute, aims to provide professional expertise to individuals who aspire to become sports scientists, qualified researchers, academicians, and educators, capable of pursuing careers not only at the national level but also on international platforms. The program, with its expert and renowned faculty in the field, focuses on following new approaches in movement, exercise, and health, contributing to the development of the field through independent research and scientific studies, and aims to cultivate a new generation with professional specialization who can effectively manage people's bodies in a healthy manner.


All candidates who have completed a four-year undergraduate degree and obtained a minimum score of 55 in any section of the ALES (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam) can apply for the Exercise and Movement Sciences Master's Program with Thesis. After pre-registration, candidates must achieve a passing grade in the oral and/or written exam prepared by the department affiliated with the institute for admission and placement into the program, based on the announced quotas.

If students come from disciplines other than physical education and sports, they are required to successfully complete a scientific preparatory program consisting of courses related to sports and exercise, movement and training, exercise for people with disabilities, and psychosocial sciences, as deemed appropriate by the department and institute boards.

In order to be eligible to graduate and receive a diploma from the Exercise and Movement Sciences Master's Program, students must fulfill all the success criteria of Istanbul Rumeli University Graduate Education and Examination Regulation. Each student admitted to the thesis-based master's program is required to successfully complete a total of nine courses, including six electives and three compulsory courses, over a four-semester period, as well as prepare and defend a thesis. Upon completion, they are entitled to graduate by earning 120 ECTS credits.

Graduates who successfully complete the Exercise and Movement Sciences Master's Program with Thesis and aim for an academic career can continue their studies in doctoral programs once they meet the necessary requirements. Graduates who wish to enter the workforce can work in units related to sports, such as Youth and Sports Provincial Directorates under the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, federations, and professional and amateur sports clubs as coaches and sports specialists. They can also provide individual coaching services, considering the increasing popularity of personal training in today's world.