Civil Engineering Department

Program Objective

The Civil Engineering Department's Master's Program with Thesis and Non-Thesis options aims to directly contribute to the development of our national and indigenous technological accumulation, which has great potential both in interdisciplinary sciences and in natural sciences in Turkey and worldwide, through thesis and project work that will enhance university-industry collaborations primarily in regions such as Istanbul, Marmara, Thrace, Aegean, and Black Sea. The program aims to contribute to national and international science in the "4+0 Industrial Age" by planning, directing, and coordinating R&D and educational activities in line with the developments of the global world, while providing contemporary and scientific knowledge by following and implementing practices within international standards, thus reaching societal and business communities.


The objective of the thesis program is to encourage undergraduate graduates to participate in current research and prepare for doctoral programs. In the non-thesis program, the goal is to provide undergraduate graduates with high-level courses and projects in accordance with the country's needs and current topics, aiming to develop specialization and/or deepen expertise.

The Civil Engineering Department's Master's Program with Thesis and Non-Thesis options, based on the philosophy of sustainable excellence and innovation, provides an educational and research environment that is rational, productive, questioning, and embraces ethical values. It enables program students to become academically competent and influential individuals in finding solutions to the world's challenges, and to have successful careers in their professional lives.

Moreover, our students who graduate from the Civil Engineering Department's Master's Program with Thesis and Non-Thesis options, equipped with knowledge and competencies gained through graduate education, reach society through university-public-industry collaborations, promoting the production, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge, and advancing their careers to a higher level.

Individuals who graduate from graduate programs will have postgraduate academic titles such as Master Engineer and/or Specialist Engineer. Each graduate student, equipped with advanced knowledge and skills at the graduate level, can continue their professional and business lives as high-level engineers and specialists in both public and private sectors. They also have opportunities to work in universities, institutes, TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), and various R&D centers, thus pursuing an academic career.