Department of Computer Engineering

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the Master's program in Computer Engineering is to enable students to acquire the ability to access, evaluate, analyze, and interpret knowledge by conducting professional research in the field of computer engineering.


The objectives of the Computer Engineering program are to reinforce and examine the knowledge gained during undergraduate studies in the field of Computer Engineering; to enhance analytical perspectives in solving Computer Engineering problems, designing systems, analyzing data, and developing applications; to increase professional competence in software development methodologies, artificial intelligence, data mining, computer graphics, machine learning, computer networks and security, and computer vision; to encourage lifelong learning among Computer Engineering graduate students in order to adapt to a changing and evolving world and technological advancements; to develop skills and awareness that will contribute to the analysis of current technological trends, identification of socio-technical needs, and the establishment of future technological and research goals, taking into account professional and ethical principles; and to contribute to the accumulation of country-specific knowledge by conducting research to solve problems faced by businesses operating in various sectors, involving Computer Engineering graduate students.

Based on the education provided in the Computer Engineering department, the curriculum consists of fundamental engineering courses, as well as the analysis of computer software and hardware systems. The Computer Engineering department aims to educate engineers who can meet the demands of the industry. Graduates of the Computer Engineering department can work under titles such as Internet Programmer, Software Architect, System and Business Analyst, Application Programmer, Software Engineer, Computer Systems Engineer, Computer Automation Developer, and other related positions. Scientific and technological advancements are closely monitored, and our department aims to provide contemporary engineering education to its students. During the Master's education process, students can continue their academic careers by applying for research assistant positions in programs such as Computer Engineering, Computer Programming, Computer Technology, and Computer Science, or by pursuing a Ph.D.

Individuals who graduate from graduate programs have the opportunity to continue their academic careers by working as senior engineers and specialist engineers in universities, institutes, TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), and various R&D centers. In terms of industry employment opportunities, they can work in Software Development Companies, Telecom Operators, Technology Infrastructure Companies, Financial Institutions, Research and Development Institutions/Departments, Package Software Distributors and Implementers, Technology Consulting and Application Companies, Manufacturing Companies - Information Technology Department, Service Companies - Information Technology Department, and Government Agencies - Information Technology Departments. Additionally, our students can pursue doctoral studies at leading universities in Turkey, as well as in the United States, Europe, and other countries with partner universities, while also being engaged in professional work.