Department of Management Information Systems

Purpose of the Program

The Management Information Systems Program aims to address the human resources and system components in the context of the changing technology world, with the goal of solving business problems. Through the training of Management Information Systems Specialists, businesses can effectively utilize technology through computer networks, hardware, and software to achieve high efficiency, profitability, and competitive advantage. This program, which is continuously evolving with technological advancements, offers opportunities for specialization, staying up-to-date with innovations, and achieving goals for businesses.


The development of academics and experts who contribute to the benefits of technological advancements in the business world is crucial in today's technology-driven environment. The Master's Program in Management Information Systems aims to equip students with the skills to analyze and examine concepts and ideas using scientific methods, interpret and evaluate data, define and analyze problems, and develop solution proposals based on evidence and research. Our institute aims to train graduates who are responsible, ethical, and capable of contributing to science, technology, and innovation in line with global standards. Furthermore, we strive to be an institution that establishes necessary connections with the internal and external environment, emphasizing objectivity in management style.

Graduates of the Master's Program in Management Information Systems can pursue careers in both management and information technology fields in the business world. Our graduates who specialize in information technology can work as Management Information Systems Specialists, Programmers, Database Administrators, SEO Specialists, and other related roles. Those who aim to develop themselves in the management field can work as Human Resources Specialists, Project Managers, Sales Managers, Business Analysts, and other related positions. Additionally, they can also pursue careers as academics and researchers in the field of science.

Graduates of the Master's Program in Management Information Systems have the opportunity to build careers in information technology centers, system development departments, software and consulting companies. They can work in positions such as system analyst and designer, programmer, project manager, IT specialist, sales and marketing representative, and human resources specialist.