Department of Architecture

The Architectural Thesis Master's Program aims to examine topics in architectural design, theory, and criticism using various disciplinary/interdisciplinary approaches, methods, and techniques. The program aims to generate original research-based solutions for architectural design problems, effectively utilize existing knowledge and technologies to shape living spaces in accordance with international standards and cultural values, contribute to knowledge production, establish an informative strategy for sustainable environment and living culture to enhance national development and quality of life, work towards the promotion and sustainability of this strategy, promote and introduce immovable cultural assets, both underground and above ground, belonging to the civilizations that have existed throughout history in the geographical area of Turkey, and conduct studies to research and preserve the archaeological, ethnographic, political, social, and cultural fabric of this geography. The program aims to raise awareness among students about the mutual interaction between architectural theory and professional practice through communication and provide education with its rich academic staff. This program accepts graduates from Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design undergraduate programs.

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