Sports Management

Purpose Of The Program

The aim of the Sports Management program is to meet the needs of facilities at various levels related to the field of sports management such as marketing, finance, public relations, field material knowledge and sportive facility management. 
The essential purpose of the program is to teach students:
•    to be able to serve in all sectors of the sports industry as experts
•    how to apply practical methods in the area of sports management
•    how to develop solutions
•    how to think critically
•    specific management skills 


Those who choose to complete the Sports Management program should:
•    have strong communication, time management and work discipline skills
•    be able to establish cause-effect relationships

The program of Sports Management is an associate degree program of two years. Graduates are awarded with the associate degree of “Sports Management”. 
In the Sport Management program, there are three groups of courses which students complete courses in.

Foundation courses are taught in order to provide a basis in the field and they cover more general subjects. Some courses include: Introduction to Sports Sciences, Introduction to Sports Management, Introduction to Sports Practices, General Law, General Economics, Anatomy and Physiology.

Field courses consist of courses that include knowlege and skills related to the sub-disciplines of sports management. Some courses include: Sports Economics, Sports Law, Sport Marketing, Sport Anatomy and Physiology, Sport Philosophy and History, Sport Sociology, Comparative Sport Organization, Budget and Accounting in Sports, Case Study in Sport Management, Tourism and Recreation Management, Facility Management in Sport, Field and Material Knowledge The course covers courses such as Activity and Project Management in Sport, Sports Communication and Media, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Directed Studies in Sport.

Applied courses offered include: Introduction to Sports Practice, Physical Fitness (Fitness), General Training Information, Team Sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Football), Individual Sports (Tennis, Athletics, Archery).

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates can work in public and private institutions. They can work as managers in institutions and establishments, as well as within the administrative structure of amateur and professional sports clubs. 

Students who complete the Sports Management program with success can transfer to undergraduate programs through the vertical transfer exam organized by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).
Undergraduate programs that can be selected through the vertical transfer exam: 
•    Management
•    Business Management
•    Recreation
•    Sports Management
A student enrolled in the program of Social Services can transfer to another program within the same institution after 1 semester through the horizontal transfer system. 

The language of instruction of the 2 year associate degree program in Sports Management is Turkish. However, in order for our students to gain a competitive edge in the field, we also provide an advanced level English language education. 

Our students must successfully complete their internships so that they become familiar with situations related to their fields. Upon completion of their internships students will have had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills to practical situations and applications. As a result, students are better equipped when they enter the workforce.

Each year, Istanbul Rumeli University offers students the opportunity to participate in the exchange of students with universities abroad within the extent of exchange programs administrated by the International Relations Office of Rumeli University.