Computer Programming

Purpose Of The Program

The purpose of the program is to educate and train well-equipped individuals who can fulfill various functions such as the installation of computers and computer systems, system and database management as well as transfer companies onto the World Wide Web. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be capable of developing applications and software, providing internet and computer network services, robotics programming and generating 3D designs and animations. As a result, students will have acquired the necessary visual foundation to work in areas that require designing two or three-dimensional products such as architectural offices, construction companies or advertising agencies.


The Computer Programming program is a two-year associate degree program. Graduates are awarded with the associate degree of “Computer Programming” and the title of “Computer Programmer”.

Courses offered during the first year of the program enable students to form a sound foundation in the areas of mathematics and computer hardware/software. By the end of the first year of studies, students are able to complete their internship at work places where information technologies are applied for the purpose of gaining work experience. During the second year of studies, students receive courses such as computer networks, object directed programming and database programming/management to prepare them for their professional careers. Additionally, our students in conjunction with elective courses such as 3D Design and Game Modeling, gain visual thinking skills which expand their job opportunities upon graduation.  

The language of instruction of the 2 year associate degree program in Computer Programming is Turkish. However, in order for our students to gain a competitive edge in the field, we also provide an advanced level English language education. 

Those who choose to complete the Computer Programming program and want to work as a Computer Program Technician should:
•    be curious, inquisitive and investigative
•    be patient, careful and able to think systematically 

Upon successful completion of the program students will be able to resolve and evaluate data in a systematic way and write computer codes that will give them the desired outcome. Graduates will be familiar with the most commonly used programming languages in the world and able to select and use the most appropriate for the project at hand. Skilled and capable students can find job opportunities before graduation. These opportunities are generally freelance, remote access and project-based works. 

Graduates of the program of Computer Programming have a wide range of work areas to choose from. They can be employed in kinds of public and private institutions. Some work opportunities include: companies of computer software and web software services or as freelancers. Other work options include architecture offices, construction companies and advertisement agencies. Apart from the work areas mentioned, graduates can be employed in all areas of natural and social sciences where there is a need for computer skills. Computer programmers generally work in office environments. 

Students who complete the Computer Programming program with success can transfer to undergraduate programs through the vertical transfer exam organized by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).
Undergraduate programs that can be selected through the vertical transfer exam: 
•    Computer Engineering
•    Computer Technologies and Informatics Systems
•    Computer and Software Engineering
•    Computer Information Technologies
•    Information Systems Engineering
•    Information Systems and Technologies
•    Industrial Engineering
•    Physics
•    Physical Engineering
•    Statistics
•    Statistics and Computer Sciences
•    Control and Automation Engineering
•    Mathematics and Computer Sciences
•    Mathematics and Computer
•    Computer Sciences
•    Space Engineering
•    Software Engineering 
A student enrolled in the program of Social Services can transfer to another program within the same institution after 1 semester through the horizontal transfer system. 

Our students must successfully complete their internships so that they become familiar with situations related to their fields. Upon completion of their internships students will have had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills to practical situations and applications. As a result, students are better equipped when they enter the workforce.

Students can conduct their internships at public institutions, private institutions, banks, municipalities, educational institutions, network and security companies, computer software companies, ministries, computer software companies and departments of information technologies. 

Each year, Istanbul Rumeli University offers students the opportunity to participate in the exchange of students with universities abroad within the extent of exchange programs administrated by the International Relations Office of Rumeli University.