Civil Aviation Cabin Services

Purpose Of The Program

The purpose of the program is to educate cabin services staff who are professional, adaptable and have efficient communication and strong customer relation skills. They are also trained to be solution-oriented individuals who can react in a timely manner to possible problems that may arise.


The program of Civil Aviation Cabin Services is a two year associate degree program. Graduates are awarded with the associate degree of “Civil Aviation Cabin Services” and the title of “Cabin Attendant”. 
The program contains both theoretical and practical courses. Within this scope, courses such as Airline Management, Communication, First aid, Catering Services, Team Source Management courses aim to prepare students for careers in this sector.

Students of Civil Aviation Cabin Services at Istanbul Rumeli University are supported by certificate programs provided by the Continuing Education Center.
•    Aviation English
•    Human Factors in Aviation
•    Safety Management Systems for Aviation
•    Aviation Law and International Establishments
•    Aviation Communication and Navigation Observation Systems
•    Controlling Techniques for Aviation
•    AS9100 Aviation Quality Management System
•    Risk Management for Aviation

The language of instruction of the 2 year vocational Civil Aviation Cabin Services program is Turkish. However, in order for our students to gain a competitive edge in the field, we also provide an advanced level English language education. 

Students who prefer the program and who wish to work as “Cabin Attendants” should:
•    be Turkish citizens
•    have sufficient English skills
•    be between 1.60 meters and 1.80 meters in height for women and 1.70 meters and 1.90 meters in height for men. 
•    not have any health problems or medical conditions
•    not have any criminal record (active or archived)
•    not have any visible tattoos or scars

Successful students in the program are awarded the title of “Cabin Attendant” and they can be promoted to higher administrative positions and or work in academic careers.

Graduates can be employed in private and public airline companies, nationally and abroad. 

Students who complete the program with success can transfer to undergraduate programs through the vertical transfer exam organized by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). 
Undergraduate programs that can be selected through the vertical transfer exam: 
•    Aviation Management
•    Logistics
•    Logistics Management
•    Travel Management
•    Travel Management and Tourist Guiding
•    Tourism and Hotel Management
•    Transportation and Logistics
•    Transportation and Logistics Management
•    International Logistics
•    Tourism Management

It is possible to pursue a double major program within the same higher education institution. 
While studying Civil Aviation Cabin Services, it is possible to pursue a double major in the associate degree programs of “Civil Air Transportation Management”, “Airplane Technologies”, “Sports Management” or “Social Services”. 
A student enrolled in an associate degree program might complete some additional lectures in a different program at our university and obtain another certificate in a minor branch.

Students who receive a higher level education in the field of Civil Aviation must complete an internship in line with the curriculum. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation specifies general guidelines outlining acceptable internship criteria regarding internship positions to be completed by students in this program.

Each year, Istanbul Rumeli University offers students the opportunity to participate in the exchange of students with universities abroad within the extent of exchange programs administrated by the International Relations Office of Rumeli University.