Pasta and Bakery

Purpose of the Program

The Pastry and Bakery Program aims to educate individuals in the field of Hotel Kitchen Operations, pastry shops, bakeries, restaurant establishments, independent and corporate cafes, catering companies, ship kitchens, public institution kitchens, and food and beverage services. The program aims to enhance the sensory aspects of graduates in the highly popular field of pastry and bakery, enable them to become entrepreneurial managers and chefs with the ability to analyze and evaluate, engage in original work utilizing the visual and artistic aspects of the profession, adhere to hygiene and sanitation rules, learn and apply the basic principles of nutrition, have knowledge of kitchen safety and first aid, create standardized recipes and conduct detailed cost calculations, gain expertise in the kitchens of different cultures related to pastry and bakery, acquire knowledge in food technologies, and possess sufficient knowledge to prepare diet programs.

Upon graduating from the Pastry and Bakery program, students acquire sufficient knowledge and manual skills in the processing of various types of desserts and bakery products, enabling them to work in different sections of pastry shops and bakeries. Our graduates continue their education by conducting various projects with the awareness of the importance of gastronomic tourism in promoting our country's culinary culture. In general, our graduates who can pursue the profession of pastry and bakery in different departments of pastry shops and bakeries can also work as instructors in training centers, as managers in food and beverage establishments, publish articles related to food in newspapers and magazines, and provide menu consulting services to restaurants. Students who graduate from the pastry and bakery program, which offers a wide range of job opportunities, can advance in their careers by working diligently, keeping up with professional innovations, and being open to development. Additionally, if they have a sufficient level of foreign language proficiency, they can also obtain numerous job opportunities abroad.

Those who choose the Pastry and Bakery Program and aspire to work as Pastry Chefs and Bakers in the industry should:

• Have an interest in pastry and bakery products,

• Be open to communication,

• Have an interest in local and international cuisines,

• Be creative and have a broad imagination,

• Have well-developed taste and smell senses,

• Be physically strong and healthy,

• Be able to move swiftly,

• Have the ability to plan and execute tasks,

• Possess a sense of kitchen management discipline.

The Pastry and Bakery program is a 2-year associate degree program. The practical courses of the Pastry and Bakery program are conducted in the gastronomy and culinary arts application kitchen located at Istanbul Rumeli University Mehmet Balcı Campus. After completing the associate degree, students can continue their education at the undergraduate level (with the required score in the DGS exam) in the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at Istanbul Rumeli University. In order to prepare students for the professional world, certificate programs are implemented throughout the education period by Istanbul Rumeli University.

The language of instruction for the Pastry and Bakery Program is Turkish. "Career English Courses" aim to equip students with specialized English knowledge in their field to enable them to build an international career while continuing their education in their native language. These courses involve reading and comprehending English texts related to the topics learned in their field. The selected texts for each department are recommended by the department's instructors. The commonly used English vocabulary and terminology of each field are taught based on the content of the reading text. If there are any language-related issues in understanding the content, they are addressed. Therefore, students taking the course are expected to have a minimum CEFR B1 level of proficiency in General English. The goal is for students attending the courses each year to be able to read and understand English books and articles in their field comfortably.

Students enrolled in the Pastry and Bakery program have the opportunity to do internships in hotels, pastry shops, bakeries, tourist facilities, chain restaurants, catering companies, food and beverage establishments, food factories, and kitchens of private or public institutions.

Vertical Transition

Students who have successfully completed the associate degree education in the Pastry and Bakery Program at Istanbul Rumeli University can complete their undergraduate education without extending their study period through the Vertical Transition Exam (DGS) after receiving training from our university's expert academic staff. They can complete their undergraduate education in the following programs:

• Gastronomy

• Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

• Culinary Arts and Management

• Food and Beverage Management.


Horizontal Transition

Horizontal transition can be implemented in two ways according to the criteria set by the Higher Education Council:

• Transition based on Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA) according to inter-institutional and intra-institutional horizontal transition regulations. Programs that can be transitioned without extending the study period through curriculum compatibility:

Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Services Department Programs
• Transition based on central placement score according to inter-institutional and intra-institutional horizontal transition regulations.

Students admitted to the Pastry and Bakery program can switch to the associate degree program of their choice based on intra-institutional and inter-institutional horizontal transition between programs after the first semester, depending on their placement score type.

Students in the Pastry and Bakery program have the opportunity to obtain a double major diploma without extending their study period from one of the following associate degree programs, with priority given to the "Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Services Department" as part of the double major program:

All programs in the Computer Technology Department

All programs in the Child Development and Youth Services Department

All programs in the Automotive and Transportation Technologies Department

All programs in the Law Department

All programs in the Social Work and Counseling Department

All programs in the Design Department

All programs in the Management and Organization Department

With double major opportunities, our students can develop themselves and demonstrate their qualifications with a diploma while continuing their education.

Students who have completed their first year at the university have the chance to register for the Erasmus program and gain an international experience by studying at a foreign university for a period of 3 to 12 months. Through Erasmus, students not only enhance their academic skills but also develop professional skills relevant to their profession, as well as improve their foreign language proficiency. The main requirement to benefit from the Erasmus program is the academic grade average. The overall grade average must be at least 2.20 out of 4.00. Students who meet this requirement become eligible to participate in the Erasmus program.

Students in the Istanbul Rumeli University Pastry and Bakery program are supported throughout their education with certificate programs offered by the Continuing Education Center. The certificates provided are updated in accordance with current regulations. Students who successfully complete the certificate programs transition to the professional working life with the required international competence during the graduation phase.

• Food Safety Management System Participation Certificate

• Healthy Nutrition and Diet Participation Certificate

• Kitchen Food Hygiene and Sanitation Participation Certificate

• Kitchen Occupational Safety Participation Certificate

• Service Techniques Participation Certificate

• Kitchen Services Management Participation Certificate

• Catering Business Management Participation Certificate

• Marketing Methods in Food and Beverage Businesses Participation Certificate