Graphic Design

Purpose Of The Program

The aim of the program is to educate and train qualified professionals who have the necessary professional skills along with knowledge of scientific and technological developments for success in the field. 
Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to combine creativity, knowledge and aesthetics in their works. They will also be able to create visualizations of ideas in different ways using creative mediums.

The program of Graphic Design is a two years associate degree program. Graduates are awarded with the associate degree of “Graphic Design”. 
Since fine arts play an essential role in the education of graphic design, basic elements of graphic design and fine arts are taught. In addition to introductory courses of graphic design practical courses are also offered such as photography, illustration, typography, computer-supported design and original printing design. In order to keep up with ever-changing technologies, the curriculum contains courses such as web design, animation and three-dimensional design. 

The language of instruction of the 2 year vocational Graphic Design program is Turkish. However, in order for our students to gain a competitive edge in the field, we also provide an advanced level English language education. 

An individual interested in the program of Graphic Design should: 
•    be able to see the relationships between shapes and space
•    be able to perceive colors and shapes with their finest details
•    be imaginative, creative and sociable
•    be able to express designs through drawings
•    be interested in psychological and artistic phenomena
•    be open to innovations and change

Graduates can be employed in design and advertisement companies, advertisement departments of companies, multimedia agencies, journals, newspapers and online news sites. Other work opportunities include: press companies, the printing and packing sectors as well as radio and television institutions.
ADVERTISEMENT: Artistic directors or assistant directors in agencies, workshops, related departments of industrial, commercial or state institutions.
MULTIMEDIA: In all types of interactive and electronic projects and web design.
PRESS: Page layout, cover design or illustration activities in newspapers or magazines.
MOVIES: Artistic directors or generic editors in full-length movies, short or television films. 
CARTOON WORKSHOPS: Character designer or in storyboard departments. 

Students who complete the program with success can transfer to undergraduate programs through the vertical transfer exam organized by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).
Undergraduate programs that can be selected through the vertical transfer exam: 
•    Photography
•    Graphics 
•    Graphic Design 
•    Visual Communication 
•    Visual Communication Design
•    Visual Arts
•    Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design 
•    Communication Design
•    Communication and Design
A student enrolled in the Justice program can transfer to another program within the same institution after 1 semester through the horizontal transfer system by consideration of their Cumulative Grade Point Average or their Central Placement Score.

Our students must successfully complete their internships so that they become familiar with situations related to their fields. Upon completion of their internships students will have had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills to practical situations and applications. As a result, students are better equipped when they enter the workforce.
Students of the program can conduct their internships at advertisement agencies, graphic art workshops, R&D units of industrial establishments, exhibitions, information areas, newspapers, online news sites, radio and television channels and public or private printing companies. 

Each year, Istanbul Rumeli University offers students the opportunity to participate in the exchange of students with universities abroad within the extent of exchange programs administrated by the International Relations Office of Rumeli University.