Purpose Of The Program

The aim of the Cookery program is to educate and train individuals capable of working in public and private food and beverage companies as well as all kinds of institutions related to the food industry. Upon successful completion of the program students will be able to work in managerial positions in the food sector, create original dishes as well as follow and apply hygiene and sanitation rules and regulations of the field. Furthermore, graduates will be capable of applying basic principles of nutrition to their works, as well as, making detailed and accurate cost calculations. Students who complete our program will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to stand out in a competitive field. 


The program of Cookery is a two-year associate degree program. Graduates are awarded with the associate degree of “Cookery ” and the title of “Cook”. 
The application courses of the program are generally carried out in our university’s gastronomy and culinary arts kitchen.

The language of instruction of the 2 year vocational Cookery program is Turkish. However, in order for our students to gain a competitive edge in the field, we also provide an advanced level English language education. 

A student in the Cookery Program should:
•    be interested in the area of food
•    have an advanced sense of taste and smell
•    be physically healthy
•    be able to move quickly and work effectively in a team
•    be organized and disciplined 
•    be able to follow given instructions

A graduate:
•    acquires the skill of understanding the basic concepts of the profession
•    obtains knowledge in different areas  of cookery such as: cooking methods, world cuisines, menu planning and cost calculation
•    is equipped with sufficient professional foreign language skills 
•    develops their problem solving skills
•    gains a general knowledge about the tourism sector
•    acquires the ability to develop and put together signature dishes through application of their knowledge and skills
•    obtains knowledge about different countries’ cuisines in order to be able to apply it in their own dishes
•    develops the skills needed to be able to work in managerial positions

Graduates of the Cookery program can work as:
•    Chefs in all kinds of public or private institutions
•    Culinary Scientists, Food-Beverage Directors, Supply Managers, Kitchen Managers, Restaurant Controllers-Coordinators, Restaurant Managers in Food and Beverage Companies
•    Instructors in Private Companies and State Institutions
•    Cruise Chefs
•    Flying Chefs

Students who complete the program with success can transfer to undergraduate programs through the vertical transfer exam organized by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).
Undergraduate programs that can be selected through the vertical transfer exam: 
•    Family and Consumer Sciences
•    Nutrition and Dietetics
•    Gastronomy
•    Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
•    Culinary Arts and Management
•    Food and Beverage Management
A student enrolled in the Cookery program can transfer to another program within the same institution after 1 semester through the horizontal transfer system by consideration of their Cumulative Grade Point Average or their Central Placement Score.

Our students must successfully complete their internships so that they become familiar with situations related to their fields. Upon completion of their internships students will have had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills to practical situations and applications. As a result, students are better equipped when they enter the workforce.
Students of Cookery can conduct their internships at hotels, touristic facilities, chain restaurants, catering companies, the pastry sector, food and beverage companies, food factories and kitchens of private or public institutions. 

Each year, Istanbul Rumeli University offers students the opportunity to participate in the exchange of students with universities abroad within the extent of exchange programs administrated by the International Relations Office of Rumeli University.