Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Istanbul Rumeli University Civil Engineering Department score type is SAY and the language of instruction is Turkish. At the end of 4 years of education, our students graduate with a bachelor's degree and the title of Civil Engineer.

Graduates of the department can work in domestic or foreign construction companies, building construction (construction sites), prefabricated sector, steel construction sector, manufacturing, cement and ready-mixed concrete sector, construction, and inspection of service and industrial buildings, projects, planning, and consultancy; They can work in areas such as feasibility studies, project design, proposal preparation. He can also pursue an academic career by completing postgraduate education.

Our students who benefit from the Rumeli Education Method can benefit from additional certificate programs that facilitate minor and double major opportunities, and provide profit and preference in professional life. They can evaluate their job opportunities abroad by following the knowledge of their field in the international language with the Kariye English courses.

The construction industry, which has shown great development in the “4+0 Industry” era we live in, continues to rise continuously. Accordingly, the need for qualified Civil Engineers is increasing in projects financed by foreign investors at home and abroad. Especially in the next 25-30 years, 90% of the buildings need to be either strengthened or reconstructed within the scope of urban transformation, which shows that the need for civil engineers in our country will increase in the short, medium, and long terms.

This section includes building information, materials science, static, reinforced concrete, hydraulic, mechanical, dynamic, etc. In addition to the main and basic course information, especially qualified computer knowledge, technology governance knowledge, and foreign language education are provided.

Civil Engineering Graduate Education program is; The Department of Structure consists of the Department of Mechanics, Department of Geotechnical (Soil Mechanics), Department of Hydraulics, Department of Transportation, Department of Materials, Department of Construction Management, and Department of Earthquake Engineering.


The language of instruction of the Civil Engineering undergraduate program is Turkish. However, in addition, intensive English language courses are also provided. 

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture provides the opportunity to graduate with a double degree. A student enrolled in an undergraduate program might complete some additional lectures in a different department at our university and obtain an additional certificate in a minor branch. 

Graduates can work at construction companies, construction sites and industrial plants. Furthermore, they can do feasibility studies, project designing and give proposals and consultancy for projects at companies nationally or abroad.