Frequently Asked Questions

• Where can I log in to the Student Information System?
You can log in to the Student Information System through the "E-Services" menu on our university's website, under the "Student Login" tab.

You can access it through the link:


• What are the username and password for logging into the Student Information System?
Your username is your student number, and after selecting the "Forgot Password" option on the login screen, you need to fill in the requested information. When you click the "Reset Password" button, which is the final step of the password creation/reset process, your new password will be displayed on the screen.


• What information can I access through the Student Information System?
You can access various information such as the academic calendar, advisor information, curriculum status, course registration details, attendance status, grade list, class schedule, and more.


• Can I update my photo through the Student Information System?
You can upload your new photo through the "User Operations" section, specifically the "Photo Update" area. The requested photo should be in passport size format. The approval of the uploaded photo is done by the Student Affairs Directorate. Photos that do not comply with the required format will not be approved as they will be used in official documents.


• Can I update my registered information in the Student Information System?
You can update your information (address, contact details, family information, status, etc.) through the "Form Operations" section, specifically the "Student Information Form".


• How can I process my military deferment?
The Military Affairs for students who have newly enrolled in the university or those who have previously enrolled but are newly eligible for military service is conducted by the Military Branch Directorates through YÖKSİS (Higher Education Student Information System). If requested by the student, the Student Affairs Directorate can issue an EK-C2 document for military deferment.


• How should I select my courses?
Course registrations for first-year students who have newly enrolled in our university are conducted by the Student Affairs Directorate. For subsequent semesters, students should first select any remaining courses from previous semesters, if applicable, through the course registration screen in the Student Information System. Then, they can select and save the courses for the active semester, which will be sent for advisor approval. Once your advisor approves the courses after conducting the necessary checks, the course registration process will be completed.


• What happens if I don't register for courses?
If a student fails to register for courses in a semester, they will not be able to attend classes and benefit from student rights during that semester. This period will be counted as part of the student's study period.


• What kind of information can I get from my advisor?
You can obtain information related to the academic processes of your enrolled department/program from the advisors assigned to you.


• How many absences am I allowed?
Students are required to attend classes, practicals, and exams. The attendance requirement is at least 70% for theoretical courses and 80% for practical courses of the total duration of the semester. A student who fails to fulfill the attendance obligation for any course without a valid reason, including disciplinary measures such as suspension, will be considered unsuccessful in that course. The absences during the days when students participate in meetings, sports, arts, or similar activities representing the university or Turkey are not taken into account.


• When is a health report valid?
Students who are unable to take a midterm exam due to valid reasons must submit a petition along with supporting documentation to the faculty, school, or vocational school administration to which their program is affiliated, within one week of the announcement of the exam dates. Health reports cannot be used as an excuse for absences.


• Do I have the right to appeal my exam results?
Students can appeal the exam results of a course within one week from the announcement of the final grades by submitting a petition through the resolution center to the relevant dean's office or directorate affiliated with their program. The appeal is reviewed by the faculty/school board of directors after obtaining the opinion of the relevant instructor regarding material errors. If a material error is detected, a change in the grade can only be made through the decision of the respective board of directors.


• How is the final grade calculated?
The final grade of a course is determined by adding 40% of the grades obtained from midterms, quizzes, fieldwork, practice, assignments, projects, workshops, seminars, laboratories, internships, and similar in-course assessments, to 60% of the grade obtained from the final exam of that course. Regardless of the in-course grades, students need to score at least 50 out of 100 in the final exam to pass a course.


• Who can take the makeup exam?
The makeup exam is a right granted to students who have failed a course at the end of the semester and wish to improve their grade. It is held for the courses of each semester. Students who received grades other than FF, FD, DC, and DD in the final exam and want to take the makeup exam to raise their grade can apply to the Secretariats of their respective Faculty/School. When calculating the letter grade for students who take the makeup exam, the grade obtained in the makeup exam, not the final exam, is taken into account.


• How is the GPA calculated?
The GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated by multiplying the credit/ECTS of each course the student has taken, including the current semester, by the coefficient of the letter grade received for that course. The sum of these numbers is divided by the total credit/ECTS of all the courses taken.


• Can I take courses from other universities during the Summer School?
In order to take courses from other universities, the courses must not be offered by the relevant academic units, and the equivalency of the courses to be taken must be approved by the respective governing boards before the registration period each year. The procedures for recording the courses taken from other universities in the student transcripts are carried out in accordance with the Istanbul Rumeli University Associate and Undergraduate Education, Teaching, and Examination Regulation.


• My diploma is not ready yet. What should I do to obtain a graduation certificate?
Graduated students can obtain their graduation certificates with QR codes through the "Higher Education Graduation Certificate Inquiry" screen on the e-Government platform (E-Devlet).


• I have lost my Temporary Graduation Certificate. Can I receive my diploma?
Students must return the original copy of the Temporary Graduation Certificate in order to receive their diplomas. In case of loss of the Temporary Graduation Certificate, it is necessary to publish a loss announcement in any local/national newspaper and submit the published newspaper page as proof of loss to the Student Affairs Directorate in order to receive the diploma.