Industry Partnerships and Technology Licensing Office

It was established pursuant to 29 March 2018 dated, no 2018/09 Meeting, no 3 resolution agreed by İstanbul Rumeli University Senate.

Organizes partnerships between university and industry, patent portfolio fund management and stages of technology commercialization are executed between Industry   Partnerships and Technology Licensing Office. The office allows to build long-term Research and Development partnerships between industry and University  while also managing a range of programs to meet the technologies developed at the University with the industry.

The mission of this Office is to create value for both parties during the partnership process with the industry and facilitate work flows in relation to the cooperation. Independently from the business specializations that relevant parties operate, there is a chance to present the most feasible project to meet demands thanks to the field experts of University.

By contacting with Office Directorate, information on the partnership opportunities to sign with İstanbul Rumeli University and further information could be garnered on co-projects executed with the industry and projects developed by the researchers in our University.