Coordinatorship of Scientific Research Projects

As per article 5; this board is composed of institute managers, faculty members/lecturers, with the offer of Senate by Rector at least 7-maximum 11 faculty members who have publishings in International Citation Index Journals and / or who have been quoted/cited. Board members are entrusted with a task for four years by way of balance among available disciplines at university. If a member’s assigned term of duty terminates, he/she can be entrusted with a task in the same way. The board gathers upon the invitation of the chairperson.Decisions are taken by an open-vote system that is established upon a majority vote.


1-     Declaring project applying calendar

2-     Indicating and declaring project-supporting principles and priorities

3-     Evaluating and finalizing all relevant issues as per article 7 concerning Coordinatorship of Scientific Research Projects’ Regulations and implementing in line with specified criteria in this guideline

4-     Evaluating interim and final reports of research projects and specifying sanctions in case of delays

5-     Contributing to creating a science policy unique to the University

6-     Working on how to increase research quality and qualified researchers

7-     Indicating sanctions when a violation against the contract clause, guideline or copyright matters occur

8-     Deciding whether or not to proceed with any inappropriate project suggestions and unsuccessful projects. If need be, investigating project studies on site, changing the content, manager,researchers, budget and duration/deadline of the project or cancelling the project.