Rector’s Message

Dearest Students of our University,

As you know, education in universities suspended in our country just like the other countries because Covid-19 infection has been declared global pandemic. Since it is not certain when this infection will be under control, we do not know when we will resume our education. We hope we will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Of course, education can never be suspended. That’s why Council of Higher Education (YÖK)  suggested that the universities which have substructure start online education. We already have distance learning centre and it is in service.

Therefore, we are going to start online lessons on March, 23rd 2020 Monday without losing any time. My students who are very important for the bright future of my country, please take advantage of these online lessons as much as possible. Furthermore, do not take different information sources into consideration except from our website and social media accounts. Please follow all announcements via our website related to the lessons.

I embrace you all and convey my regards to your families.

 The Rector of Istanbul Rumeli University

Prof. Dr. H. Tamer DODURKA