The Book Section of Researcher Assoc. Dr. Çağlar ÖZDEMİR has been published.

19 Mar 2020 Thursday 06:42

The Book Section of  Researcher Assoc. Dr. Çağlar ÖZDEMİR,who works in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, has been published.

The book "ERZİNCAN 2019 ANNUAL" consists of important works of development by the academicians from different universities of the country.; has been published by T.C valiliği the ERZİNCAN GOVERNMENT BROADCAST with the editorship of Dr. Lecturer, member Hüsrev AKIN (Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University Faculty of Science and Literature. In the section entitled "SOCIAL STRUCTURE: URBAN, POPULATION AND MIGRATION" is written by the Research Assistant Çağlar Özdemir from Political Science and Public Administration. Social and cultural history has hosted many civilizations in the past; In addition, the sociological and cultural structure of the city population of Erzincan was analyzed in different dimensions. Also in this section, by touching the historical textures, traces of civilization and social structure of the city based on earthquakes and migrations; Important conclusions are given about the potential to better grasp today's Erzincan urban identity.