The Book by our Academicians of the International Relations department has been Published.

19 Mar 2020 Thursday 06:41

The Book of our academicians has been published. The book which includes the writings of The University International Relations Department Head Dr. Assoc. Sinem Yüksel Çendek and Faculty Member Res. Assoc. Dr. Armağan Örk has been published.

The book "Security in Contemporary World: Theories and Issues",  9786057877413 ISBN which was written by academicians from different universities was edited by Sibel Turan from Trakya University and Latif Pınar from Karabük Univesity and published by "Siyasal Kitabevi"

The sections that were written by our academicians were on about economics and feminism issues. Dr. Lecturer Sinem Yüksel Çendek discussed the mosque attacks in New Zealand within the framework of feminism's approach to security in the section titled “Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand Mosque Attacks from the Perspective of Feminist Approaches to Security”. Res. Assoc. Dr. Armağan Örki, on the other hand, discussed the importance of economic security policies over the Atatürk period in the section titled “Economic Policies Based on Independence: Atatürk’s Period”.