“İRÜMED (Istanbul Rumeli University Alumni and Members Association)” was established.

19 Mar 2020 Thursday 06:41

To ensure and increase the solidarity between our students who have completed their education and graduated at Istanbul Rumeli University, “İRÜMED was established as an intermediary in developing the relations among graduates in professional life, The aim is to develop and strengthen cooperation at the highest level.

We believe that Rumeli University will be more grounded together with its alumni and will embrace increasingly perpetual employments. With this conviction, the principal meeting of the Istanbul Rumeli University Alumni and Members Association was hung on Monday, January 13, 2020, to proceed with our college.

As IRUMED, we plan to assist our understudies with taking part in the segments identified with their areas of expertise after graduation, to guide them in their related fields, set them up for the future and to fortify their sectoral relations and to strengthen their feeling of having a place without breaking their ties with the University.