Frequently Asked Questions About Online Education

20 Mar 2020 Friday 10:28

The questions frequently asked by the students are below. Except for these questions, you can send your questions about the Uzem (Distance Education) system to us at

Which Type of Computer Should I Use to Login to the System?

You can use any computer (desktop, laptop, ...) and mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, ...) which have internet browser to access the education portal.

What is the student absence limit?

Your right to absenteeism for the courses you follow through the education portal is the same as your right to absenteeism for your courses in formal education.

What time can I login to the System?

There is not a specific time interval for participating in the courses you follow through the education portal. You can log in at any time.

Note: To participate in live classes, you must be logged in to the system during the hours included in the schedule.

Can I watch the lesson that I couldn’t watch?

Course materials will be always active in the system. You can watch it again later.

What will the exams be like? / How can we attend the exams?

Our exams can be all types of exams (open-ended, test, etc.) in formal education. All of our students enrolled in the course are obliged to take the midterm and final exams, as in our classes with formal education.

How will the exams be held?

All the exam types (open-ended, multiple choice or test) will be held. The students must take the exams.

Not: The responsibility of the exams are on the isntutute,  depatments and the instructions. They have the right to ask open-ended test or multiple choice questions in the midterm or final exams. 

What resources will I be responsible for the exams?

The publications and the documents that are presented on online classes are known as resources. The students are responsible to study for the books, publications, documents, power points and videos which are done on the live online classes.

Will the resources/materials be shared.?

The materials will be shared and downloaded on the online education system. That has been prepred and used by the instructiors.

What can I do incase I have proble on the live online class?

-Be sure to be connected to the system.

-You should check the firewall settings.

-You should send a message on WhatsApp live support.

-You can click for your questions.